Top 5 Stainless Steel Rice Cookers Reviews

Some of the best stainless steel rice cookers are available to find online. However, figuring out which one is among those might be a bit tricky since there are just so many options you will find. As in our list today, we are to find you the answer. Our team has rolled up our sleeves and gone through checking many rice cookers online. We studied their features, quality make, as well as the customer feedback over each of them. Even more, we have compared one against the others to really make sure the ones we select are among the best. Through all the process, we have got 5 of them to recommend. They are briefly introduced in the following reviews. A few minutes are more than enough to get you through this and find your favorite and best stainless steel rice cookers.

1. Miracle Exclusives Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Model ME81

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Miracle ME81 is our first review and recommendation. This is a well-made stainless steel rice cooker at grade 304. It is also a beautiful design you will find very easy to use and cook your rice. In addition to its rice cooking feature, it comes with the vegetable steamer stray, meaning you can also steam vegetables with this stainless steel rice cooker. To its lid, it is a glass construction which you can see through to the rice that is cooking. 

Another interesting feature of the rice cooker is its cook to warm mode. It is an automatic operation, meanwhile. As soon as it fully cooks your rice, it will turn itself to warming mode to keep your rice warm and fresh for your meals. A measuring cup and rice paddle are included. Talking about the feedback, quite many people come to review the cooker, and most of them are extremely happy with the experience they have had with the rice cooker. 

2. BLACK+DECKER 16-Cup Cooked/8-Cup Uncooked Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

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The second design to have a check is the Black and Decker rice cooker. This is a popular two-in-one construction. It is not only a rice cooker but also a food steamer. You can get it to serve you for the two purposes very well when you need to, with this Black and Decker product. For its capacity, it can cook between 3 and 16 cups of the rice, which is fairly a big capacity. You can then surely serve a big meal with the rice cooker.


A few features about the cooker you may want to know are the automatic keep warm, nonstick bowl, steamer basket, as well as the heat settings. Indeed, for convenient reasons, the rice cooker has been added with an automatic keep warm feature to help you keep your rice warm and fresh after being cooked. The bowl, in addition, is nonstick, which is nice and easy to clean. To the steaming feature, there is the steaming basket there you can prepare your healthy diet easily.

3. Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White

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Next is the Aroma Simply Rice Cooker. According to our review, this is another best stainless steel rice cooker you should also consider. It comes with a nice design in white while its main purpose is to cook you a healthy rice. And, again, most part of the cooker is stainless steel. It is strong, sturdy, and very durable for your lasting uses. That stainless steel material, in addition, is 304 grade, which is a high quality standard for your rice cooking. 


Even more, it has been coated with nonstick material, making it very healthy, safe, and very easy to clean. The cord length, coming with the rice cooker, is 38 inches, on the other hand. It is a good length to let you manage your kitchen space really well. As to the capacity, there are three available you can select, the 6 cup cooked, the 14 cup cooked, and the 14 uncooked. Indeed, the prices are slightly different between them. You can then think about your need and choose it, accordingly.

4. Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker

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Fourth best stainless steel rice cooker is this Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker. It is a very modern design at 8 cup capacity. It can do rice cooking as well as the food steaming. While stainless steel is its main material, it has added into the construction with smart technology such as the digital display, the programmable features, and more, making things extremely convenient for you.

In that, accessories are included. They are the measuring cup, rice rinser, steam basket, and the rice paddle. It, in short, is a complete package for you to cook your rice conveniently at home. Instead, to the customer feedback and review, up to 75%, by this point of time, have rated the rice cooker 5 stars. Their reviews are pretty positive as they really like the way this rice cooker is designed. More importantly, it does what it is supposed to do really well. To them, this rice cooker is worth recommending.

5. Maxi-Matic ERC-2020 Electric Rice Cooker

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As also among our best stainless steel rice cookers, this is the Maxi-Matic design. It is a very nice rice cooking, coming  along with lots of features for a good and convenient rice cooking. Other than the rice cooking purpose, it has the inner pot which you can also use the cooker to make your soups, cereals, and stews once you need to. And, the capacity of the rice cooker is 20 cups maximum. That is an extra large one that allows you to serve big meals easily. The stainless steel cooking pot, in addition, is the surgical -grade 304, which is a very high quality material you feel better about than the normal aluminum pot. It is also more practical and durable.

Regarding the uses, there is the switch between cooking and warming up. There seems to be nothing strange and difficult for your use. In case you want this as a gift for someone’s new home, it is a great gift idea too with its affordable price but high quality. Meanwhile, lots of positive review and feedback are seen, over this stainless steel rice cooker. Generally, people are very happy and satisfied with the way it has served them, regarding rice cooking. That is another confidence for you to base your order on.

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